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Education & Training

To accomplish its mission, CAP needs an informed, active senior membership trained in leadership, management, and functional tasks. The CAP Senior Member Education and Training Program prepares members to serve their units, their communities, and their nation.

The Education and Training Program in the strictest sense refers to the 5 levels that senior members can attain. Each level is then, with time-in-grade requirement, tied to a member's grade in CAP. 

  • To complete a certain level, you may need to:
    • Complete certain training modules on eServices/AXIS
    • Complete certain training modules in a cohort or through the Virtual in Residence program
    • Be assigned to a duty position and complete related specialty track rating (level 2 and beyond)
    • Attend wing/region/national conferences (level 3 and beyond)

On the other hand, to complete the Emergency Services mission of CAP, there is a set of training programs specifically for emergency services called Operations Qualifications (OpsQual).

  • To get started, you will need these prerequisites: 
    • GES (General Emergency Services) on eServices
    • IS100 and IS700 on FEMA website
    • ICUT - Introductory Communications User Training with squadron communications officer
  • For mission base staff, starting point is Mission Staff Assistant (MSA) or Mission Radio Operator (MRO)
  • For air crew, starting point is Mission Scanner (MS)
  • For ground operation, starting point is Urban Direction Finding Team (UDF)

Learning materials can be found on CAP's National Emergency Services Academy website. Use caution when trying to search for task guides. Various squadrons have put older and potentially outdated material on their website. Best practice is always go to NESA. 

If you are a new member trying to navigate this vast array of trainings and structures, please reach out to your flight commander or send a message using the Contact Us page and our squadron Education and Training Officer (ETO) will get back to you.

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