NER-MA-043 Hanscom Composite Squadron
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Flight Standards

Hanscom Composite Squadron Flight Standards

The standards below outline the expectations for the cadets in each flight and not the requirements for moving to the next flight.

Standards Tango Bravo
Inspection Knowledge 70% on tests 80% on tests
Uniform 70% on inspections 80% on inspections
Drill Proficient in drill up to achievement 2 drill Proficient in drill up to Wright Brothers. Beginning to work on drilling the flight.
PT Attempts PT tests Passes PT tests
Customs and Courtesies Recognizes titles and insignias, salutes, and asks when they don’t know how to address someone. Always salutes, calls the room, recognizes insignia, greets properly, and sounds off clearly.
Attitude/Initiative Takes criticism, is respectful, participates actively, and brings up any issues politely. Uses criticism to reflect and improve, participates actively, facilitates meaningful conversations during classes, and provides feedback about issues and activities.
Communication Responds to emails and in a timely manner. Works on public speaking in front of small groups of people. Responds to emails within two days. Is a proficient public speaker.

Flight Standards

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