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Joining Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet

Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program is open to young men and women ages 12-18. The cadet program offers
valuable training and fun opportunities no matter what your interests and future goals may be. We
accomplish our mission of building citizens and leaders through five Key Traits of Cadet Life: The
Uniform, Aerospace Theme, Opportunity to Lead, Challenge, and Fun.

Prospective cadets come to us for many reasons:

  • Wanting to earn a pilot’s license

  • Interest in pursuing an aerospace career (pilot, engineering, air traffic control, etc.)

  • A desire to develop leadership skills

  • Looking into a career in the military (service academies, ROTC, enlisting)

  • So many more!

No matter what your interest may be, Civil Air Patrol has an incredible amount to offer you through the
cadet program.

Hanscom Composite Squadron cadets meet on Thursday evening at Hanscom Air Force base from 1800-
2100 (6-9 pm). We hold regular activities outside of meetings including orientation flights (where cadets
get to fly a plane), color guard, model rocketry, tours, and other activities. There are also opportunities
to attend flight academies, search and rescue schools, and even an International Air Cadet Exchange.

The cost of CAP cadet membership in Massachusetts is $41 per year.

You can find additional information here on Civil Air Patrol’s national website:

We hold regular prospective member meetings for teenagers and their parents/guardians. During the
prospective member meeting, we will tell you about Civil Air Patrol, our squadron, available
opportunities, requirements of membership, and answer any questions that you have. These meetings
are typically held on the first Thursday evening of the month at our building on Hanscom Air Force Base.

If you are interested in joining Civil Air Patrol, please click Contact Us and fill out the
form. We will get back to you with information about how to attend a prospective member meeting.

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