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Joining Civil Air Patrol as an Adult

Civil Air Patrol offers adult members countless opportunities to serve their communities, states, and
nation. While we are most known for our flying operations, most CAP members are not pilots. With
varied backgrounds and varied interests, the members of Hanscom Composite Squadron constitute
strength in diversity. We are very active in each of CAP’s three main missions: Aerospace Education,
Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services.

For some basic information about adult membership in Civil Air Patrol, please visit this section on our
national website:

There are several categories of Civil Air Patrol membership available to people age 18 and above:

Active Member (most people)

Active members are Civil Air Patrol adult members who regularly attend meetings, perform specific duty
assignments, meet training requirements, and participate in the activities of the unit. Active members
may wear CAP uniforms, earn awards, and compete for grade advancement. They can fly as aircrew
members, participate in CAP activities, and pursue most of the available opportunities in CAP. The cost
of active membership is $71 per year (National, Region, and State dues) plus $30 per year (Squadron

Cadet Sponsor Member

Cadet Sponsor Members are a subcategory of senior (adult) membership to allow parents,
grandparents, and guardians of current CAP cadets to assist their unit’s cadet program. This is a great
opportunity for parents to help out at the squadron without taking on the substantially greater
requirements of being a full, active senior member. CSMs are able to transition to full, active
membership if later desired. The cost of Cadet Sponsor Membership is $30 per year and stays in effect
until their cadet leaves the CAP cadet program.

Aerospace Education Member

Aerospace Education Membership is a special category of Civil Air Patrol membership for members of
the educational community that have a desire to promote the objectives and purposes of CAP, but who
do not desire to participate in the active membership program. AEMs are able to transition to full,
active membership if later desired. The cost of Aerospace Education Membership is $35 per year.

We hold regular prospective member meetings for adults interested in joining Civil Air Patrol and our
squadron. During the prospective member meeting, we will tell you about Civil Air Patrol, our squadron,
available opportunities, requirements of membership, and answer any questions that you have. These
meetings are typically held on the first Monday of the month from 1800-1900 (6-7 pm) at our building
on Hanscom Air Force Base.

If you are interested in joining Civil Air Patrol, please click Contact Us and fill out the
form. We will get back to you with information about how to attend a prospective member meeting.

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